The Beginning


Linda and Tom’s families both moved to Union Bridge about the same time. Linda’s family bought a dairy farm where she grew up and early on took an interest in horses; she had several on the farm and showed at local horse shows. Tom’s family bought the Hardware store in Union Bridge where he grew up and later joined as partner. During this time Linda developed skills with horses and Tom became proficient in construction. Later on, the combination of these skills would enable Linda and Tom to develop the concept and build Fox Den Farm.


Linda and Tom met while Tom was a junior at The University of Maryland. Tom was immediately drawn to Linda’s passion for horses. Though Tom’s major was marketing at the University, much of his time was devoted to studying animal husbandry and just about everything equine related. After Tom graduated from the University and following military training for the National Guard, Linda and Tom married in the fall of 1963.


In the spring of 1964 they broke ground for their residence and a small barn. They named the property Fox Den and the journey began. In the fall of 1966 Linda and Tom had a daughter named Jacqueline. In 1967 they incorporated Fox Den Farm. At this time while building the farm Linda and Tom were actively engaged in showing hunters and jumpers at horse shows and also fox hunting with several hunt clubs.


The next chapter begins with opening a riding school. Many students were taught at the farm and this progressed into taking these students on the road to horse shows (motor homes, horse trailers etc.) At the same time Fox Den was engaged by Western Maryland College to teach an equitation course offered by their athletic department. These programs created a need for horses. Many of the horses were acquired at a weekly auction, The Eyler Stables in Thurmont, Maryland. The owner of the auction, Joe Eyler became interested in Linda and Tom’s ability to buy, prepare and sell horses. Joe Eyler and Charlie Keller of Yankeeland Farm were partners with some yearlings to be sold at The Standardbred Sale at Liberty Bell. Joe asked Linda to accompany him to the sale to help with the yearlings. This led to Fox Den being introduced to Standardbreds


The Standardbred Era


While at the Standardbred Sale, Charlie Keller asked Linda if she would help him with his yearlings and if she could supply him with some extra staff. Tom at this time was pretty much on the road with the show stable and his students, which gave him access to individuals skilled in horsemanship. This became the nucleus and the beginning of Fox Den supplying a work force to consignors at horse sales at that time including Phil Tully, Bob Boni, Andy Grant, Jack Ball, Alan Leavitt and others. At some point in time Phil Tully asked Tom to become his Director of Operations at his Garden State Sales and of his Woodstock Stud Agency. This association gave Tom and Linda exposure to all aspects of the Standardbred Industry.


Through the relationships developed at the sales, the number of  Fox Den’s Standardbred clients began to grow. The early client list included Bill Miller, Jim Crane, Howard Beisinger, Dr. Morton Fielding, Jerry Silverman, Bob Key, Lou Guida, Governor Lowell Weicker, Washington Redskin Mark May, TV producer Alan Kerchenbaum, Eli Solomon and a host of others.

The farm and the scope of the farm operations also began to grow. This included starting a sales company “The Chesapeake Yearling Sale”, a sales agency “Fox Den Agency” and services at the farm expanded to include standing stallions, foaling mares, raising yearlings, post operative care and racehorse lay-ups. These venues and services required an addition of a Stallion Barn, Breeding Shed, Lab, Foaling Barn, Sales equipment trailers and numerous pieces of machinery. This brings us to where Fox Den Farm is today.


Fox Den Farm Inc. “Today”


Fox Den Farm is a complete Standardbred Facility, beautifully maintained and located in the rolling hills of Frederick County, Maryland. Fox Den offers excellent care for standing stallions, foaling mares, raising yearlings, post operative care and lay-ups. The facility offers every option for the best care of your horse, whatever service you require. The Fox Den Sales Agency offers the most comprehensive marketing of your horse in a quality setting and with experienced staff. Fox Den is proud of its history and what it represents today. The owners and staff of Fox Den, with their years of experience in every aspect of the business are well equipped to offer you the highest level of service you deserve for your horse and investment.

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